Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop

Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop


Northwestern University, Mudd Library (map)

This two-day workshop is intended to zero in on technical specifics related to transforming the food industry through advanced materials for sensing, sanitation and security for food manufacturing.  It is the first of three NIST sponsored workshops to articulate a set of project ides that will lead the transformation. 

Context and background:  To date, this group has broadly identified food safety, security and waste as key challenges facing the food industry (and society at large) and that there is an opportunity to address these at the nexus of advanced manufacturing and food production/processing.  During the last year’s meetings, we began to amass those technology gaps within which we could initiate specific projects at the forefront of an industry transformation.  These gap areas include: sensing, data/analytics, automation/control, advanced materials, workforce, standards/certification, and education/public policy.  We have partnered with CESMII particularly in the areas of data/analytics and the underlying sensing required to populate data along the supply chain.  A CESMII funding opportunity is anticipated later this spring/summer.

Ann Seman, Membership and Outreach Manager from NRMC, will be attending and representing CESMII at this event.  This is a collaborative event with the CESMII Affinity Group, Food Safety and Quality.

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