Envisioning a Research Center in Human-Automation Connection

CESMII ecosystem invited to engage in an open, Industrial Advisory Board Meeting to share perspectives and experiences

Envisioning a Research Center in Human-Automation Connection

CESMII is happy to welcome Dr. Laine Mears for this educational, online workshop as he presents his team's work on "Envisioning a Research Center in Human-Automation Connection," an exciting new project in its formative stages of development. Dr. Mears seeks direct feedback from CESMII members, partners and interested onlookers on the concepts presented, as well as your thoughts on feasibility and perceived benefits. Feedback from your personal experiences are welcome, too!

Session Abstract: 

There exists in today’s technological society an emerging Internet of Things, whereby advances in embedded systems have allowed for the networking of products, machines, robots and software systems, enabling more fluid generation and exchange of data and informational models of that data for improving productivity and quality of life. This approach is being taken up in a more and more automated manner, incorporating the emerging field of applied artificial intelligence to reveal the possibility of fully autonomous complex systems such as adaptive self-driving cars and lights-out factories. What are the emerging roles of the human element within such a system, and can those roles be symbiotically and concurrently defined along with the design of such autonomous networked systems? The proposed center will investigate ways in which data and hardware technology can be used to better integrate humans to tomorrow’s automated and intelligent manufacturing systems, with the goal of maintaining job satisfaction, quality, and pride of work.

  • Event Host:
    • Laine Mears, BMW SmartState Endowed Chair of Automotive Manufacturing, Professor and founding faculty member in the Automotive Engineering department at Clemson University

Event details:

  • Date: August 11, 2020
  • Time: 4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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