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Software Development Manager

  • Working title: Software Development Manager
  • Salary: $5,692 - $14,925 monthly
  • Job Type: Contract                                        
  • Unit: OVP                

Job Summary Statement: The primary responsibility for this role is to manage the development of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform by providing oversight and guidance to development resources provided by CESMII members, and vendors. The Software Development manager will help shape technical milestones, and direct both internal and external teams working with a combination of Waterfall and Agile project methodologies. The candidate will interface with CESMII senior leadership, industry thought leaders, and Department of Energy reviewers, to articulate and represent CESMII technical projects.

The candidate will serve as the primary CESMII manager for the development of the operational architecture, technical specifications, software development, evaluation & testing and demonstration of key manufacturing software components of the CESMII SM platform. He/She will serve as the key technical expert in managing Manufacturing Information Technology software for the SM Platform including data connectivity, ingestion, contextualization. The responsibility will include managing the design and development of software related to the SM Profile (structured manufacturing information models), and the SM Marketplace. She/he will manage and track the progress of cross-disciplinary teams for the development of these technologies.

The candidate will serve as a deep subject matter expert for the CESMII community, providing guidance to members in the development and application of manufacturing IT software. The candidate will also manage alignment between the SM platform and the CESMII technology roadmap by helping identify platform capability development focus areas and assisting in building and managing project portfolios to address technology gaps. The candidate will also assist in the analysis of innovative emerging technologies related to Smart Manufacturing to guide CESMII's current and future efforts. The Software Development Manager will perform the administrative functions of developing Requests for Proposals, cost estimates, Statements of Work, project plans, and change requests.  

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Computing Resource Manager I

  • Working title: Program Manager
  • Salary: $5,759 - $11,375 monthly
  • Job Type: Contract                                        
  • Unit: OVP                

Job Summary Statement: The Program Manager is a senior technical manager responsible for overseeing a portfolio of technical projects of various sizes, spanning across a variety of companies and universities, comprising both Research & Development and technology initiatives for the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII).

CESMII's technology mission is to collaboratively develop and proliferate the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies including sensing, control, modeling, analytics and platforms for small, medium and large manufacturers. This mission is executed through portfolios of small and large R&D, capability and application projects of varying sizes executed by teams composed of CESMII's members across its regional manufacturing centers.

The Program Manager should be knowledgeable and have a broad range of experience in manufacturing systems and successfully managing multiple technical projects simultaneously. This role is one of two program managers responsible for overseeing and collaborating on a large scope of projects, each with its own project manager, from planning through execution.

The Program Manager coordinates the management of technical projects across project managers to ensure alignment with CESMII's overall technology mission, as well as ensure consistent, standardized execution and reporting to CESMII HQ and the Department of Energy.

The Program Manager will collaborate with and guide project managers throughout the project life cycle, including proposal preparation, management of project documentation, project time lines and deliverables, preparation of all necessary communications, periodic progress reports, and coordination of project meetings and schedules. The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and scope, and manages issues that need resolution at the portfolio level.  

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