Bringing Renewed Energy Back to CESMII

CESMII has a new look to match the energy and excitement building around our mission – to put the power of information and innovation at the fingertips of everyone who touches manufacturing.

What’s different?

CESMII’s program home is now with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), which is both new in 2019 and powerful.  UCLA has strong backing and support for CESMII along with the US Department of Energy (DoE), the Mayor of Los Angeles’ Office, wework, regional and state government agencies, national labs and university and education systems nationwide.  Suring up the institute’s operational and financial foundations through UCLA allows CESMII to more effectively engage industry and leverage the strengths of its national and regional leaders.

Several leaders are new, too.  Did you know that CESMII’s senior staff has well over 150 years of combined industry experience – with companies like Nestle and Alcoa and Rockwell?  Coupling that collective industry experience and perspectives with the academic and public-sector strengths of UCLA and our university and government partners positions CESMII to move forward faster and more effectively than before. 

And, we’re starting to see signs of this progress on all fronts:

  • Projects
    • Ten (10) funded Roadmap Projects were recently released and are kicking off;
    • A new ‘Innovation’ class of projects was announced; and,
    • A Notice of Intent was just released preparing for another wave of project funding.
  • Technology
    • CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Platform, Profile Designer and Marketplace are nearing alpha release.
  • Outreach
    • Mike Yost was engaged to lead CESMII’s Outreach efforts;
    • New brand identity, website, newsletter and foundational components of our digital strategy are in place; and,
    • A new webcast series kicks off July 10th – 6o of Smart Manufacturing
  • Education & Workforce Development (EWD)
    • Introductory workshops on the foundations and the business value/ROI of Smart Manufacturing were delivered at the Annual Meeting and planned for regional roll-out;
    • Free and discounted access to online training classes were provided to members; and,
    • A Smart Manufacturing Practitioner (SMP) certification program is in development and scheduled to be piloted within the next three months.

You can see a lot is happening at CESMII.  There’s a renewed energy in our teams and an unwavering commitment to our goals.  Those goals are centered on delivering value to all our members, so make sure you and your organization are actively involved in shaping what CESMII is and what we do!

Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
​​​​​​​and everyone has a role to play.
Come find yours!



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