AIChE 2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety


AIChE 2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety (map)

Monday, April 1, 2019 from 5pm - 7pm in the Grand Salon:

Session 59:  Spring Poster Session

59ba - Production of Zero Defect (Zd) Slabs Through the Implementation of Smart Manufacturing Technologies in Steel Continuous Casting

Improve steel slab quality and continuous caster productivity using Smart Manufacturing (SM) methodologies and technologies to address the top two KPIs of the continuous casting process – yield (minimize defects/rejects) and uptime (reduce UPTA).

Haresh Malkani, CESMII, Pittsburgh, PA

59bb - Data Modeling For Machine Learning And Data-Centric Analytics For Smart Aerospace Additive Manufacturing

The goal of this project is to develop technologies on data modeling, machine learning and data-centric analytics for smart Aerospace additive manufacturing and to implement these innovations using data from working Aerospace manufacturing facilities.

Haresh Malkani, CESMII, Pittsburgh, PA

59bc - Smart Manufacturing For Chemical Processing: Energy Efficient Operation Of Air Separation Unit

The goal of this project is to develop a number of SM Platform™ ready tools and deploy them on Praxair’s commercial Air Separation Unit for improving energy efficiency.

Haresh Malkani, CESMII, Pittsburgh, PA

59bd - Inferential Modeling For Driving Out Energy Waste

The goal of this project will drive out wasted energy in manufacturing facilities through improved information technology. The primary objective of this project will provide technical staff with technology to sniff out unknown or unexpected energy consumption across the facility. Prove the hypothesis that energy waste can be detected without the use of expensive energy meters.

Haresh Malkani, CESMII, Pittsburgh, PA

59be - Smart Connected Workers In Advanced Manufacturing

The goal is to develop design tools and open source reference architectures that will enable engineers to reliably assess and implement data flow requirements for affordable, scalable, accessible, and portable smart manufacturing systems (A.S.A.P.) for smart connected workers across all manufacturing sectors.

Miguel Corcio, CESMII, Los Angeles, CA

59bf -Energy Management Systems For Subtractive And Additive Precision Manufacturing

The objective of this effort is to mitigate energy waste in manufacturing facilities, and specifically subtractive precision manufacturing, using model-based systems engineering principles.

Miguel Corcio, CESMII, Los Angeles, CA

59bg - Smart Manufacturing Of Cement

Using predictive process models, data analytics, sensors and machine learning, a Smart Manufacturing for cement control system platform will be developed in partnership with ARGOS USA cement in an effort to provide a more energy efficient clinker production process with better quality control.
Problem Statement:

Miguel Corcio, CESMII, Los Angeles, CA

59bh - Energy Efficient Material Processing Through Automated Process Monitoring And Controls

Demonstrate energy efficient metal material processing at Arconic facility through advanced sensing, automated process monitoring and model based controls

Miguel Corcio, CESMII, Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

1:30p – 3:00p

Hilton New Orleans Riverside – Marlborough A

Industry 4.0 Topical Conference

Session 102:  Democratizing Smart Manufacturing:  CESMII

Democratizing Smart Manufacturing CESMII's Refreshed Vision for Unleashing the Next Wave in Manufacturing Innovation. The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), established by the US Department of Energy, is part of a network of institutes under the Manufacturing USA Initiative with a goal to secure the future of manufacturing in the U.S. through innovation, collaboration and education. CESMII's mission is to radically democratize and accelerate the development and adoption of Smart Manufacturing (SM) technologies (sensing, control, data analytics, predictive modeling and platforms) to become the driving, sustainable engine that delivers energy efficiency and real-time business improvements in U.S. manufacturing. A critical enabler for this mission is the creation of a collaborative Smart Manufacturing Platform for industrial applications. The CESMII team will provide an overview of the institute, its refreshed vision, a glimpse into the Smart Manufacturing Platform and an overview of the R&D project portfolio.\

Chair:  Haresh Malkani, CTO CESMII

1:30p              CESMII Overview – a Refreshed Vision. 

                        Haresh Malkani, CTO

1:50p              The Smart Manufacturing Platform™

                        Haresh Malkani, CTO

2:15p              Project Portfolio Overview

                        Miguel Corcio, Director of Technology Programs

2:40p              Q&A

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