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The Problem is Simple, the Solution is Challenging, and CESMII is Up To The Task!



About Smart Manufacturing

Leverage Digital Transformation within Manufacturing to drive performance, increase quality, reduce cost and scrap, improve reliability and agility, and save energy.  

This definition or many others like it is a good statement of the goal, from any number of companies.  And this has always been the goal, being met by product solutions from every automation vendor. 

Here is the official CESMII Definition of Smart Manufacturing


The Problem

Technologies available today lock you into single vendor solutions, based on the unique configurations of every vendor solution.   

Your workforce isn’t ready to grapple with a “Digital Transformation” and handle their day jobs.   

Most important, solutions delivered today, regardless of the source, have a linear scale factor – the solution you roll out for one machine will cost 10X when you roll it out over 10 machines.  Large roll-outs, on the scale to drive “Digital Transformation,” demand prohibitively high costs in both resources and budgets.  And manufacturing is only a segment of the market.  This problem exists in all markets, process and discrete, and in all verticals, from Aerospace to Zinc. 


The Solution

CESMII was created in 2017, funded by the US Government Department of Energy with $70 million dollars, as a non-profit Institute to drive Smart Manufacturing.  Our goal is even loftier than that.  We are branded as the Clean Energy, Smart Manufacturing, Innovation Institute.  But youll know us as CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute, because Smart Manufacturing is the ultimate solution to deliver Performance, Productivity, Agility, continuous Innovation, and the Cleanest Energy of all, the energy that was not used in production, wasted with scrap or during periods of inefficient operation. 

CESMII should be the partner for EVERY Company that uses or supplies Industrial Automation products.  Let’s repeat that – If you’re responsible for industrial automation of any kind, then your company should become a CESMII member.  It’s that simple. 

CESMII is the solution for all aspects of Smart Manufacturing; your identification of the problem, definition of a solution, education of the workforce, hardening of your infrastructure, selection of technologies, and the long-term reiteration for continuous improvement.  If you are a solution vendor, then CESMII will help you adopt our standards and will open you to a vast new market, through our Innovation Marketplace. 

CESMII Initiatives: 

  1. Education and Workforce Development (EWD) - CESMII Educates Members for Digital Transformation Learn More
  2. Affinity Groups – Members Network in Peer Groups by Vertical 
  3. Co-Funded Research – Solving Member’s Most Challenging Problems 
  4. Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) - Member Accessible Academic Centers of Excellence 
  5. The CESMII Innovation Platform – Member Accessible Technology Solution to the Linear Scale Problem 


CESMII's Broad Impact

      • Grow profits faster through global competitiveness and customer satisfaction
      • Improve access and use of data vertically and horizontally across the enterprise
      • Reduce the amount of time and resources to reach the organizations objectives
      • Optimize existing assets through improved energy efficiency, modeling and agility
      • Improve safety and environmental objectives

We Deliver Value for All Vertical Markets

Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
​​​​​​​and everyone has a role to play.
Come find yours!



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